Week_00_La Exposición

“Plata o plomo” is a photojournalism project carried out by two photographers in Badajoz. Its 52 chapters invite the viewer to share the authors’ everyday lives throughout a year. ‘Plata o plomo’ provides a dialogue between the two distinct ways of understanding this job, and subsequently, the life around them, in all their nuances and with all their contradictions. This dialogue goes beyond the professional field, and eventually reaches the most intimate aspects of the photographers’ lives.

So, ‘Plata o plomo’ have grown day after day, moving beyond its original function of a personal diary. It has come to life, and has become a portrait of our job, and of everything around us: our fears, our shelters, our challenges, our friends. A survival manual, and a homage to all fellow workers, with a message of optimism reminding us that all we need to carry on is in our camera pouch.

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